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Internal pressure forming equipment

  • Frame-type Internal High-pressure Forming Press,1000T
Frame-type Internal High-pressure Forming Press,1000T

Frame-type Internal High-pressure Forming Press,1000T

  • Frame-type
  • High-pressure Forming
  • hydraulic press
  • bicycle pipe
  • Product description: Internal high-pressure forming press applies the hydro-forming technology, it is suitable for manufacturing hollow components deformation in aerospace, nuclear power, petrochemical, automobiles, bicyc

Equipment working video on line

Our company is the first intelligent equipment producer to provide internal high-pressure hydraulic machines for China's market, now, we have already provided more than 20 internal high-pressure hydro-forming technology production line with various specifications for customers in different fields, machine we provide with mold clamping force from 230 to 4000T, forming pressure from 150 to 500MPa

Product features:
  • Applies the monoblock frame structure.
  • Entirely apply servo system control and featured with high efficiency, high precision, energy saving and low noise.
  • Electrical control system applies PLC as the main control unit and has reserved input and output port for program different control procedures with different product requirements.
  • Major high-pressure pipe applies Germany imported 150MPa ultrahigh pressure pipe which ensures stable pressure.
  • Main hydraulic parts, electric devices and sealing components apply imported name-brand products which will improve service life and reduce maintenance rate.

Product superiorities Description
Safety and reliability Equipped with safety photoelectric protection device, motor circuit protection and limit switches
Enhance working precision Able to achieve arbitrary load path controlling, such as linear load, non-linear load and pulsating load, servo system and PLC control
Apply the monoblock casting structure and have high strength Good rigidity, small deformation, long life and less noise advantages
Reduction of production costs Characteristics such as high utilization of materials, energy-saving and increasing production efficiency resulting reduction of production costs
Reduce weight, save materials 75% material weight reduction rate
Reduce costs Reduce die quantity as well as die costs
Reduce the number of subsequent machining process Reduce the number of assembling welding
Improve part strength and rigidity Especially for fatigue strength
High stability, energy-saving and low noise Servo control results stable and reliable operation, achieves 40-60% energy conservation and the conversion between the high and low speed inside the motor is relatively stable, resulting in much lower working noise
Patent ZL 201320060585.7
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